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Rebuilding the Howick Weather Station Website Part 1 - Background
19 November 2018

This is the first post in a series of posts about the rebuilding of my Howick Weather Station website.

A small VueJS demo app
11 June 2017

Recently I've been exploring and learning the VueJS Framework. It's a lightweight alternative to some of the heavier frontend frameworks out there, and has become increasingly popular in the last year or two.

My experiences using the new Angular framework
7 May 2017

At work we have been working on rewriting the frontend of our large web application from scratch using Angular 2 (now Angular 4). In this post I will be detailing our app architecture and the experiences we have had so far.

Testing my custom DOM utility with Jasmine
20 June 2015

This post explores how to use Jasmine to test my small custom DOM utility library. Jasmine is a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) testing framework for JavaScript.

Build your own DOM utility (Part 3)
10 May 2015

This post is the final part (part 3) of 'Building your own DOM utility'.

Build your own DOM utility (Part 2)
1 May 2015

This post is Part 2 of 'Building your own DOM utility'.

Build your own DOM utility (Part 1)
26 April 2015

This post shows how to write your own simple DOM utility, which may eliminate the need to include a big library just for it's convenient DOM functionality. This topic will be split across several posts. This is part 1.

Smoothly transitioning axes with D3
21 February 2015

This post demonstrates how to smoothly transition D3 axes as an alternative to updating axes with new limits instantaneously.

Building interactive charts with D3
8 February 2015

This post explores how to build an interactive line chart using D3. D3 is an excellent javascript library for data visualisation and working with SVG in general. Concepts covered include transitions, zooming/panning and tooltips.