David Banks

Web Developer

A small VueJS demo app

11 June 2017D3.jsJavaScriptVueJS

Recently I've been exploring and learning the VueJS Framework. It's a lightweight alternative to some of the heavier frontend frameworks out there, and has become increasingly popular in the last year or two.

As part of my learning VueJS, I've put together a small application showing some stuff I did for fun relating to animation of fractals and space-filling curves. Mathematics has always been an area of interest to me, and I love finding ways to bring something mathematical together with front end dev. It was built using Vue CLI to create the boilerplate code, including webpack for module bundling and prod builds.

So far, there are only 2 algorithms for now. The app uses uses a Web Worker to extract the intensive calculations out of the main browser thread and into a background thread, allowing the UI to always remain responsive. D3 is used for the data visualisation.

I found the Vue development experience quite interesting, much simpler compared to building with Angular for instance, especially in terms of the amount of boilerplate code required. I'm not sure I would use Vue for a large application - yet to be convinced of that - but for small applications it's a great little framework!


Check it out here.