David Banks

Web Developer

About Me

I am a web developer living in Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in the front end and Javascript space.

I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2013 with a Masters of Science. My first 3 years were spent studying Mathematics and Statistics, and that was followed by 2 years of Postgraduate study in Statistics. My postgrad projects involved the creation of interactive web graphics (specifically SVG) from within the R environment (R is a popular statistical programming language).

Throughout my university years, web development was a hobby; one in which my interest continued to grow. Ultimately I decided that web development was my true passion. I still enjoy statistics, and believe my stats background will be extremely valuable in my web development career, and has already proved useful in building data-driven web applications and statistical tools for the web.

I particularly enjoy programming in JavaScript and PHP. Currently my favourite tool for web development is D3.js.

In my spare time I enjoy recording the weather (see my weather station website at howickweather.co.nz), and going for walks.

My favourite walking spot

A sunny summer morning at Eastern Beach, Auckland, NZ

Eastern Beach, Auckland